Revolutionary Technology 2019

Make your life more secure by ensuring safer use of computers and laptops in public spaces. Our screen protectors go a step ahead, products use best-in-class technology and also offer protection against UV and Blue Light – making them indispensable and dependable solution for everyone.

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    VINTEZ Computer privacy screen filter is perfect for public and high traffic areas. It uses patented revolutionary micro-louver technology 2019.


    Ideal for Samsung, HP,
    Philips, Dell, Acer, Asus,
    BENQ,NEC, LG, Lenovo,
    ViewSonic Desktop Screens.

  • Anti-scratch, Anti-glare technology

    Also reduces the exposure of your eyes to UV by 96% and curbs Blue Light by 65%. 100% quality due to hand checking.


    Includes two,
    easy-to-attach options - 
    Attachment strips
    and Slide-mount tabs.
    Package contains 
    Extra installation kits


    Protects your eyes by filtering out UV and curbing blue light. It’s a reversible privacy screen filter – Choose the matte to reduce external glare.


    Flexibility to choose
    glossy or matte finish 

  • image descriptionSilicon Protective Film
  • image descriptionAnti-Glare Coated Film
  • image descriptionAdhesive Coating
  • image descriptionPrivacy Film
  • image descriptionAcrylic Clear  PSA
  • image descriptionHard Coated Film
  • image descriptionSilicon Protective Film
  • Revolutionary technology

    A quick and easy to ensure your privacy.

  • Helps improve the confidentiality

    Information, surfing details, reduces risk of any visual hacking or visual thefts.

  • Restricts the visibility OF SCREEN

    To the straight position - visibility from most other angles except yours is blocked.

  • protection against UV and Blue Light

    making them indispensable and dependable solution for everyone.

  • 100% quality

    We guarantee all screen filters have 100% quality due to hand checking.

Multi-Layered Protection

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  • No Rainbow Effect
  • No moire effect
  • Anti-Glare
  • Clarity
  • Anti-Scratch
  • Blue light filter HD
  • Upgrade installation kits
  • Ultra-thin
  • UV Curbing
    blue light by 65%
  • Can be Trimmed
    to the Desired Size
  • Over 90% light transmission
  • Multi-Layer Technology
  • No-yellowing Filtering out 96%

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