24 inch Computer Privacy Screen Filter for Widescreen Monitor Black Computer Privacy Screen - Wide (16:9)

  • ENHANCED PRIVACY – VINTEZ Computer privacy screen filter is perfect for public and high traffic areas. It uses patented revolutionary micro-louver technology. Anti-glare and Anti Scratch. Ideal for Samsung, HP, Philips, Dell, Acer, Asus, BENQ, NEC, LG, Lenovo, ViewSonic Desktop Screens.
  • DARK SCREEN FOR OTHERS – Clear view for you. The computer privacy filter makes the screen appear dark when looking at it from an angle (the angle is about 30°- 60°), but bright when looking directly at it. To change the privacy angle from 60° to 30° degrees - simply adjust your monitor’s brightness level.
  • FITS SCREEN SIZES of 24” DIAGONALLY MEASURED - WIDESCREEN MONITORS - Aspect Ratio 16:9 - Filter Size: Width: 20 15/16” inches, Height: 11 13/16” inches (532mm x 299mm). Contact us if you have any questions about dimensions. This product not being compatible with new Mac monitors.
  • DOUBLES AS SCREEN & EYE PROTECTOR - Protects your eyes by filtering out 96% UV and curbing blue light by 65%. It’s a reversible privacy screen filter, giving you the flexibility to choose glossy or matte finish. When the glossy side faces outwards, it works as a privacy filter and eye protector. If you simply want to reduce glare and protect your eyes, have the matte side facing outwards.
  • EASY INSTALLATION – includes two, easy-to-attach options - Attachment strips and Slide-mount tabs. Package contains Extra installation kits (option 1 and 2). We guarantee all screen filters have 100% quality due to hand checking.
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If you have a Dell, LG or ViewSonic 24-inch monitor, before purchasing, please make sure your monitor is really a 24-inch one, as many of their 24-inch monitors are actually 23.8" or smaller when measured.

Please measure your monitor before making a purchase, as there are two sizes of widescreen 24-inch monitors.

   VINTEZ 24 Inch (Diagonally Measured) 16:9 Aspect Ratio Computer Privacy Screen for Widescreen Monitors

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Do you often have to worry about performing everyday tasks on your computer just because you fear a lot of people prying around or snooping into your desktop screen?

Do you hesitate entering the passwords or reading/viewing/surfing content on your desktop that befits to an office environment but you still do not want others to know about it?

Try the Vintez Computer Privacy Screen Filter

- Restricts the visibility of screen to the straight position

- Helps improve the confidentiality of your information, surfing details, etc. and reduces risk of any visual hacking or visual thefts

- Uses Anti-scratch, Anti-glare technology, and also reduces the exposure of your eyes to UV by 96% and curbing Blue Light by 65%

Revolutionary technology - a quick and easy to ensure your privacy.





Device Compatibility: 24 Inch widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio PC desktop monitors (measure your screen diagonally).

Measured Diagonally, Corner to Corner Without the Frame.

Diagonal Length: 24 inches

Height: 11.8 inches (299mm)​

Width: 20.9 inches (532mm)

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Materials Origin: Japan

Find the right privacy filter for your screen

Find Your Privacy Filter: If you aren’t sure about your desktop screen size, just take a tape & measure the screen diagonally, excluding the frame. Use your measurements to select the correct size privacy filter.










Determine your screen type.

Find Your Privacy Filter: If you aren’t sure about your desktop screen size, just take a tape & measure the screen diagonally, excluding the frame. Use your measurements to select the correct size privacy filter.

Step 1: Observe the type of screen you have

- Look at your device, is the bezel raised or flat?

- A raised bezel will have a raised frame

- A flat bezel will have edge-to-edge touching the sides of your frame.

Step 2: Measure Your Computer Monitor Screen

- With a raised bezel, you have to measure the height (H), and width (W) of the viewing area of your bezel.

- With a flat bezel, you will need to measure full height and width, making sure to measure from edge to edge.





Additional Product Information


Stop giving unrestricted access to your confidential/sensitive information to everyone around you


1. 1 х 24" privacy filter

2. Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

3. Optically clear adhesive attachment strips

4. Slide mount tabs

5. Installation Instructions

6. Extra installation kits


To change the privacy angle to 30° degrees - simply adjust your monitor’s brightness

NOTE: adjust the screen brightness when using the privacy filter to achieve the highest protection

  • CRC012
  • Aspect Ratio(16:9)
  • ColorBlack
  • Device TypeMonitor
  • Filter TypeBlack Computer Privacy Screen
  • UPC Code656793435231
  • Acrylic Privacy FilterNo
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  • February 21, 2019
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